Janteq Ecosystems AG connects Fintechs and Asset Managers.

Founded by Fintech and Financial market experts we preserve and cherish this independence, as it allows us to establish a transparent link between our members and partners. Through our solutions we want to support the development of the Fintech landscape and provide access to digital, cutting-edge offerings that help businesses be efficient, innovative and client-focused.

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Our Vision

We are building an independent, digital Fintech ecosystem where our members and Fintech partners can come together to access innovative digital offerings, enhance their business processes and optimize their resources. By making these services available in a modular way, members can access only the items they actually need. Another core element is the continuous syncronisation across the different Fintech applications to ensure consistency

We strive to select the most innovative and advanced Fintech partners for our ecosystem and are constantly expanding our universe of available services. Ultimately, we target to cover the full value chain for our members - all accessible through a single, unified portal so that there is more time at hand to focus on the core business.

Our Technology

The technology we use to build the ecosystem is based on the latest and most modern infrastructure and was set up in-house from the ground up and is constantly being further developed. Our team of experts ensures seamless and consistent data exchange with the different ecosystem partners and users. Our service architecture is also designed for a dynamic, uncomplicated application and usage landscape and for organization-wide automation and simplification of complex process flows.

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Jan Schoch

Jan Schoch

Co-Founder & Chairman

Janteq Ecosystems AG, Dorfstrasse 29, CH-9108 Gonten. / +41 71 510 95 95

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